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The Controller of the Personal Data processed through this website is Citronex Trans Energy Sp. z o.o., ul. Słowiańska 13, 59-900 Zgorzelec, contact: +48 75 77 21 940 / +48 75 77 21 946.

The Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to facilitate obtaining the information regarding the processing of personal data. You can contact the DPO regarding data processing issues by email at:

Information on the processing of personal data

Citronex Trans Energy Sp. z o.o processes personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

Purpose, scope, method of collecting personal data and legal basis for processing personal data of the users of this website

We process personal data for the following purposes:

The Controller processes personal data in order to be able to correspond with individuals who contact the Company by telephone, electronically (e.g. through the contact form, chat) or by e-mail. The Controller answers questions, provides information, responds to inquiries and sends requested information. This purpose is a legitimate interest of the Controller referred to in Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

The data processed for contact purposes is stored for the time necessary to complete the contact/answer questions/send the requested material, and then until the end of the calendar year following the year in which the matter was resolved or the contact ended. Any correspondence is stored throughout the above-mentioned period of time as evidence, for the purpose of securing claims or defending against claims, which also constitutes a legitimate interest of the Controller referred to in Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

If you contact the Controller via e-mail or telephone with inquiries, please provide only the information which is necessary.
Social media

We have profiles on the following social media platforms:

1) Facebook

2) Instagram

3) LinkedIn:

Through these platforms, we contact their users and present content designed to promote our business (including content designed to inform about new events) and publish recruitment announcements, which represents the legitimate interest of the Company consisting in enabling contact with users of these platforms, promoting its business and publishing information about it. Through these platforms, the Controller may also hold competitions, in which users participate voluntarily. We process the personal data of platform users who either visit the Controller's profiles or interact with them (likes, comments, sending messages). For example, if you like a post and/or comment on it, please remember that other users of the platform can see this. Personal data is stored until you object to further processing of it by clicking the "dislike" button, unliking a post or deleting a comment on a post and subsequently until the expiry of the period of limitation for any claims related to the purposes of the processing.

Social media platforms have their own privacy policies, regulations and data processing rules which apply to their users and which the Controller is required to observe. If you are a user of such platforms, the processing of your personal data is also subject to these regulations and policies, and you may exercise your rights under such regulations and policies.

Data sources

The data processed through this website and the social media platforms is exclusively the information provided/published voluntarily by the user.

Data is collected directly from you when you call the Controller, communicate via chats, platforms, exchange letters by e-mail or by traditional mail or when you provide data in another form (e.g., in the form of a business card or a filled out a form).

Recipients of the data

Personal data may be disclosed only to authorized employees or associates of the Controller, entities supporting the Controller on the basis of commissioned services and in accordance with concluded entrustment agreements (e.g. to software suppliers and software maintenance companies, accountants, marketing agencies, hosting service providers, website administrators), entities providing postal and courier services as well as entities authorized by law and at their explicit request.

The Controller uses Google Analytics services and feeds the information collected with cookies (statistical information) into the tool. This information is anonymous and does not constitute personal data. You can learn more about the processing of such information here:

Third countries

The Controller shall not transfer personal data to third countries.

Rights of natural persons

You have the following rights:
the right of access to your personal data (Article 15 of GDPR), including the right to obtain a copy of your data (Article 15(3) of GDPR),
the right to rectify (amend) or complete incomplete personal data (Article 16 of GDPR),
the right to request the deletion of personal data in cases provided by law (Article 17 of GDPR),
the right to request the restriction of the processing of personal data (Article 18 of GDPR),
the right to receive your data in a structured, commonly used format and the right to have it transferred where processing is based on your consent and where your personal data is processed through the use of automated means (Article 20 of GDPR),
the right to object to the processing of your personal data in the case of processing for the legitimate interest of the Company, for reasons related to your particular situation (Article 21 of GDPR),
in cases where the processing is based on the User's consent, the User has the right to withdraw the consent granted at any time, but without affecting the legality of the processing prior to its withdrawal. You can revoke you Consent by sending a letter to the postal address of the registered office of the Controller or an e-mail to You can also use the contact form.
If you believe that your personal data is being processed against the provisions of GDPR, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority, i.e. the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection with its seat in Warsaw.

Voluntary data provision

The provision of personal data is voluntary; however, it may be necessary if the Site User wishes to use certain functionalities, for example: Providing your email address is required in order for us to be able to answer a question sent through the contact form.

Automated decision-making, including profiling

The Controller does not make decisions based on automated processing of personal data, nor does it profile personal data.

Cookies and similar technology

Cookies are small text files installed on your device as you browse the website (the Website). Cookies collect information which makes it easier to use a website – for example, by remembering a User's visits to the Website and their actions.
"Service" cookies
We use so-called service cookies primarily to be able to provide you with electronically rendered services. Cookies used for this purpose include those containing data entered by the User (session ID) for the duration of the session (user input cookies).
"Analytical" cookies
The so-called analytical cookies are used to improve the quality of services offered by the Website. Therefore, for analytical and statistical purposes, such cookies store information or access information already stored on the User's device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.). Cookie files used for this purpose include Google Analytics cookies used to analyse the way in which the User uses the Website to create statistics and reports on the functioning of the Website.
"Marketing" cookies
Cookies for marketing purposes, used, among others, in connection with targeting Users with behavioural advertising. For this purpose, the Controller stores information or accesses information already stored on the User's device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

Analytical tools

The Controller does not use any third-party analytical tools on its portals and websites.

The Controller uses various solutions and tools used for analytical purposes. Please find below some basic information about such tools.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics cookies are cookies used by Google to create statistics and reports on the functioning of the Website in order to analyse the way in which the User uses the Website. Google does not use the collected information to identify the User, nor does it combine such information to enable the identification of the User. You can learn more about the scope and the principles of data collection connected with these services here:
Google Tag Manager
For the purpose of monitoring system stability and performance, Google Tag Manager may collect some aggregate data regarding tag launching. The data does not include IP addresses or any other user data that can be linked to a specific person. You can learn more about the scope and the principles of data collection connected with these services here:
LinkedIn Insight Tag
This is a tool that allows you to optimize your campaigns. With the LinkedIn Insight Tag, our website audience can view ads on and we can collect data for analytical purposes. You can learn more about the scope and the principles of data collection connected with this service here:

Managing your cookie settings

Service cookies, which are necessary to use the website, are automatically installed on the User's device. Their use is necessary for the provision of the telecommunications service (data transmission in order to display content) – the User has no other choice but to accept these cookie files if they want to use the Website.

Analytical cookies are not installed automatically. You may grant your permission for the installation of analytical cookies by giving your consent when you open the Service.

You may grant your consent for the installation of analytical cookies by clicking the "Accept" button on the banner which appears when you access the Website. In this case, the Controller will be able to install analytical cookies in accordance with the settings of the browser used by the User (all cookies are installed when default settings are used).

You may grant your consent for the installation of only selected analytical cookies. To do this, simply click the "Settings" button on the banner which appears when you access the website and select the cookies you wish to enable.
You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Withdrawal of consent for the use of cookies is possible through your browser settings. Please see the links below for details:
If no consent is granted or in the case consent for a given type and a given provider of cookies is withdrawn (if the user does not agree to the installation of cookies in line with the browser settings), the Controller shall not install such cookies on the User's device.

You may, at any time, verify your current privacy settings of your browser by using the tools available at the links below:

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