Citronex Trans Energy – energy through synergy

We are a team of effective business units with our focus on transport and passenger service.

In our appreciation of a diversity of characters and talents, we build a constantly growing team of passionate and committed individuals. Our strength lies not only in our diverse and mutually complementary expertise, but also in cooperation based on mutual openness and friendly relations.

We share a passion for the latest technologies, out-of-the-box solutions and design focused on the holistic experience of satisfaction on the part of our customers, co-workers and business partners.

Citronex Trans Energy Philosophy

Our Company-building philosophy is based on five core pillars:

People working together towards a shared goal

We set ambitious goals for ourselves and we achieve them with the effectiveness of our teams. Our strength stems not only from our know-how but also from the relationships that allow us to seamlessly combine proficiency in various fields. All business units affiliated with Citronex Trans Energy and their respective departments support one another in the process of completion of even the most complex, interdisciplinary projects.

Thinking outside of the box and innovation

We appreciate open-minded people with passion in their hearts. People who leave no questions unanswered, people with courage, ambition and curiosity which drive them in their search for non-standard solutions. The creative atmosphere at CTE promotes growth and provides us, as well as our business partners, with a wide range of benefits resulting for pushing the limits of efficiency.

Being open to modern technologies

We constantly monitor, test and implement technological innovations which offer exciting opportunities! With those innovations, we can work in a more efficient and enjoyable manner. They also allow us to make our co-workers safer and take better care of the environment.

Design which goes beyond „useful aesthetics”

The notion of design has a multi-faceted meaning for us. We want to make sure every aspect of contact with our brands is positive by meeting needs, solving problems and striving to maximize the positive experience. We share a passion for design which makes objects and spaces more comfortable and a design-driven approach to organizational processes.

Taking responsibility for the common good and the future

We carefully analyse the impact of our business on the environment and act in line with the spirit of sustainable development. We want our pro-social activities to reach primarily residents of the regions our branch offices are located in. We truly believe that a synergy of local measures is the best way to achieve a global effect.

Learn more about CSR at CITRONEX TRANS ENERGY!

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