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Parking lot in Zgorzelec

Parking lot in Zgorzelec with a system for remote reservation of parking spaces.

250 parking spaces for trucks at the complex in Zgorzelec, protected with a CCTV system, physical security elements and a watchman.
The facility provides drivers with access to sanitary facilities and is located close to a fuel station with a well-stocked supermarket and a restaurant, as well as a 24-hour car wash.

Additionally, drivers can use car rental services and the nearby three-star hotel.

Parking lot in Żarska Wieś

The parking lot in Żarska Wieś offers 50 parking spaces for trucks. The facility is protected with a CCTV system and numerous physical security measures. Right next to the parking lot, there is a petrol station with a large supermarket, restroom facilities and a car wash.

Parking lots located by petrol stations

In the vicinity of our Fuel Discount chain petrol stations, there are parking lots with up to several dozen parking spaces for trucks. Fuel Discount petrol stations provide drivers with access to markets, Picaro's bistro and/or restaurant offering as well as restrooms with shower cubicles.

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