EURO6 compliant tractor
units in constant operation

40 000 000

km covered


refrigerated and tarpaulin

Domestic and international transport

Using our skills, knowledge and experience, we make sure our partners achieve optimal results. We offer a modern fleet of Euro 6 standard compliant vehicles, LNG-powered tractor units and an innovative cargo securing system – for our customers, this is a guarantee of an effective execution of transport contracts throughout Europe.

We specialize in refrigerated transport of foodstuffs and other products requiring temperature-controlled transport. Throughout more than 20 years in the transportation line of business, we have completed thousands of orders for the transportation of vegetables, fruit, sweets and frozen food.

More than 300
new tractor units

Vehicle and delivery
time tracking

Transportation in temperatures
ranging from -30 to +30 degrees

24/7 service

Ready for any challenge

We plan each route very carefully. We know that the time of cargo delivery is of paramount importance and thus in the case of longer routes, we guarantee even several semitrailer switching operations.

This way, transport is virtually continuous and shipments arrive at their destinations in the shortest possible time.

With a team of transport industry experts, a large fleet of vehicles and a group of experienced drivers, we can react quickly to any unexpected events and smoothly solve even the most complex logistic problems.

Regardless of the goods pick up and delivery location, our goal remains the same – to make sure the goods are delivered safely and on time.

Refrigerated transport

We specialise in refrigerated transport. We accept orders for the transportation of foodstuffs that require constant temperature control – vegetables, fruit, ice cream and all kinds of frozen food. Cargo safety is ensured through the use of semitrailers equipped with temperature sensors, which alert the driver and the forwarder of any change in the temperature, as well as the technology which enables our customers to access the information on the contracted shipment at any time.

We have been chosen by more than 1,000 clients throughout Europe, including companies with most stringent requirements, such as large retail chains.
Compliance with the highest standards of services on the part of our transport brands has been confirmed bythe IFS ISO9001 certificate, among others.

Our own LNG-fuelled fleet

Our LNG-fuelled trucks can freely enter areas which are not accessible for vehicles using conventional fuel. Complying with the most stringent emissions standards gives us unlimited access to low-emission zones.

With the noise reduction solutions implemented in our fleet vehicles, we can deliver your cargo virtually anywhere and at any time.

Intermodal transport

Our Company has a rail cargo handling terminal located in Kodersdorf (DE 02923), Germany, right next to the Polish border; the terminal is capable of handling cargo shipments to any location in Europe. We regularly ship intermodal containers along the Hamburg - Kodersdorf - Hamburg route. With the right infrastructure, the state-of-the-art terminal allows us to secure products transported at controlled temperature.

As the facility is located near the German-Polish border as well the motorways of both countries, received goods can be efficiently transported in any direction in Europe by both rail and road transport.

You can meet us on roads all over Europe

We provide efficient domestic and international transportation services across the continent!

Our market presence

United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Top 6 routes

Germany - England
Germany - Germany
Germany - Switzerland
Switzerland - England
France - England
Italy - Germany
England - Switzerland
Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Hungary, Romania
Germany, Switzerland
Great Britain

Domestic and international freight forwarding – straight to your destination

A team of experienced forwarding agents is one of the pillars of effective organization of transport processes. We custom-select logistic solutions to make sure any kind of goods of our business partners are transported efficiently and safely.

We provide versatile support, comprehensive consultancy, prepare full transport documentation and respond dynamically to the changing conditions of the transport services market.

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